VK2SMC Met Station 

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Created by: Rod Collman, Andrew Hurst and David Moore

To view the Nimmitabel Weather Station please click on "My favourite websites" and then select either the 'current weather' or the 'weather history' page.

Weather Station data is updated every 10 minutes from a Davis Vantage Pro wireless weather station, located at 1 Stanton St Nimmitabel.

The weather station was brought back into operational on 08/06/2008 following a catastrophic failure during a violent electrical storm last summer, which resulted in the complete and total destruction of the old Davis Weather Monitor 2.

Nimmitabel is located in SE NSW at an altitude of 1070m, and enjoys the unenviable reputation as one of Australia's coldest towns. The high altitude results in a cool climate with winter frost and snow a common occurance. However, summer is very enjoyable with warm sunny days and pleasantly cool evenings and nights with low humidity. The climate is also generally sunny and pleasant during spring and autumn.

The high altitude results in well defined seasons similar to higher latitudes in the northern hemisphere and offers a welcome change to visitors from the large coastal cities.

The purpose of this weather station is to collect climate data including temperature and rainfall, as well as providing a welcome service to the local community and weather enthusiasts from all over Australia.

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